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future technologyThe technology of today is incredibly impressive. Future products made from green technology would comprise of super computers, smart appliances, taller buildings, safer living and travelling standards. With all the current progress of AI technology, it is reasonable to expect that by the year 2020 the innovation will be deeply entrenched in both business and consumer activities.

One interesting future technology is the Unforgettable. For Start-ups, we work as a Technology partner to build the business from scratch by helping them create business strategies, design, development and testing. Future Technology (FT), a member of Al Yousuf L.L.C. Group, was founded in August 1997 for the purpose of distributing and supporting Avaya Communication products in the UAE and Qatar.

In the future, with the help of this technology, the software development companies will be using this technology for developing a series of applications. In the future, technology work will spread throughout the enterprise and may not be directly controlled by the CIO.

Future Tech helps solve data storage challenges, and varied business requirements, with advanced modular data centers, hybrid cloud, and hyper-converged solutions. As the network is becoming increasingly dense with a greater amount of small low-power network nodes, and with devices contributing to the overall connectivity, the border between devices and network nodes may be more diffuse.

Inventors are the individuals who create and showcase future technologies for use by human beings. LivingKitchen not only examines how technology is being applied today, it also addresses issues of relevance for the future, such as the connectivity of individual devices.future technology