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techThe placid, laid-back lifestyle of yesteryear is gone and passed. Practicing business-driven cybersecurity early will help ensure companies reap the benefits 4IR can provide. We’re encouraged by the emergence of federated learning as a privacy-preserving method for training on a large diverse set of data relating to individuals.

While businesses may use these tools as a starting point to generate useful, trained models, we encourage them to seek out experienced data scientists to validate and refine the results. Much of the troubleshooting that mechanics use to diagnose a problem is facilitated by car repair technology.

The Owl Car Cam is a dash cam that also works as a security device, and has a 4G LTE connection so you can view all of your video from anywhere right on your smartphone. The revolution in technology has given rise to chat rooms, discussion rooms, personalized web pages and online databases.

Binary attestation is a technique to implement deploy-time security control; to cryptographically verify that a binary image is authorized for deployment. Over a three-year period Bertelsmann will fund as many as 50,000 tech scholarships for students to learn with Udacity.

Apple company has come up with a technical wireless gadget that has changed the concept of mobile phone altogether. As the usage of containers, deployment of large fleet of services by autonomous teams and increased speed of continuous delivery become common practice for many organizations, the need for automated deploy-time software security controls