National Economic Reforms Science And Technology Directives

science and technologyMany people were surprised when in 1975 Bamfo Kwakye was appointed Vice Chancellor of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi, Ghana. The scientific approach to research is responsible for development of technology. We take training seriously and provide time for you to develop your skills and expertise in a diverse suite of programming languages, databases and operating systems. They should consider embarking on technological espionage so as to acquire the rudiments for technological development if they must liberate themselves from the shackles of technological domination.

Within the field of science and technology, there are two main lenses with which to view modernity. Learners should have opportunities to gain an understanding of the importance of data and information literacy by exploring aspects of collection, representation and analysis associated with data handling and modelling.

The development in the field of technology paves way for research and development in the field of Science. Throughout the course of study students will become familiar with amendments of social and cultural analyses of modern science and technology in interaction with social, political, economical and cultural processes of change.

That technology can then be used to advance our scientific knowledge as well. It is important to recognise, however, that this area of learning and experience is not the sole home of digital competence, nor the only opportunity to develop these skills. The knowledge of science and technology had its uses in industry and warfare.

Understanding and processing of data is generally done by two groups: first being the data scientists and the second are the analysts. The training really helped and no matter how stupid my questions sounded, people always took the time to explain why we used technology in a different and technology