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SmartphoneThis year we have already seen a number of next generation smartphones from several different manufacturers, which share one particular feature in common, one that looks set to become increasingly common. Bottom Line: The pricey iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max bring more cameras, longer battery life, and better LTE capabilities to Apple’s flagship phone line. Many manufacturers will judge battery on “talk time”, but the phones will actually last days if left on standby.

Huawei has continued to show it produces some of the best camera technology of the bunch with its latest phone, the Mate 20 Pro. Let’s look at some of the latest features in our new mobile phones. Apple’s 2018 revenues stood at $266 billion, and the company sold 218 million iPhones in 2018.Smartphone

This can very well be an added part of the hardware or can also come as a part of the screen that is available as touch screen phones. In fact, most smartphones now even have LED flash so that the camera can be used even during the night. Feature-Rich Smartphones.

One of my favorite advantages the Nokia phone features is the mass choice of apps in the Window’s phone app store. Bottom Line: Google’s well-rounded Pixel 3a is quite simply the best Android phone you can buy for $399. This is arguably the most advanced smartphone available, not just from Samsung, but on paper it also outdoes the competition in most areas.

Similar is the case with the latest YouTube app for Android phones. The new Razr is a fundamentally different take on the foldable phones that we’ve seen so far : instead of turning a modern-sized phone into a smaller tablet, it turns a conventional-sized smartphone into something much smaller and more pocketable.