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modern technologySearch engine marketing as a business strategy is nothing more than a classic marketing strategy using modern technology such as search engines, landing pages and automated emails. From concerns over blue light to digital strain and dryness , headlines today often worry how smartphones and computer screens might be affecting the health of our eyes. Internet business solutions group (ibsg), cisco systems. Modern technology has paved the way for multi-functional devices like the smartwatch and the smartphone.

Figure 14.4 depicts the impact of the Android, the networks, and the Internet technologies on the emotional and reasonable content of human relations. Modern technology has helped businesses increase production. Companies like MobileHelp and Medical Guardian offer smartwatch medical alerts for on-the-go safety and touch-screen alert systems to use in the home.

Being well aware of the importance of intangible assets to people and businesses, as well as all the doubts they have as regards to data protection rights online. Technology has additionally expanded our availability, with mobile phones and different gadgets.

Social media is an enormous platform for modern business. To address these issues the modern technology has developed wireless alarm home security systems, these systems are a great deterrent to criminals. The world’s largest and most unruly library, it’s also a global news channel, social club, research archive, shopping service, town hall, and multimedia kiosk.

Using ICIS reduce the time nurses spent on documentation up to 30 {5933f80bb82e8ffcf18929baa2035e4eb2ccb7cdca866937c8e8ca9d9dc184ab}. (3) In private life we have adapted to new technologies. 72 In this context, mass media and technology have a negative impact on people, on both their mental and physical health. Every day, two million smartphones are sold around the world, and the amount of information we share shared on social media networks is phenomenal.modern technology