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future technologyTechnology has the power to do many things, and changing the world is one of them. The medium-duty market is a likely candidate for the significant, near-term adoption of battery electric technology. Network coverage will be further extended by making use of intermediate devices to forward data to devices outside the coverage of the basic network.future technology

It is true that technology these days must be viewed in terms of the changes brought into the existing communication systems through the computer. Microelectronics involves itself in the development of technology that will aid those in the medical professions.

Technology of the Future would be more sophisticated and user friendly. Automation, cloud, and as-a-service technology models are taking root, streamlining and speeding IT delivery, and changing the way technology teams and business functions work, collaborate, and create value.

If you think the current progress in clean energy is exciting – wait until you see the technologies in the queue. Digital Marketing is and art combining consumer insight and an in depth knowledge into the internet of things. The programme gives you insight on the influence of technology on society and how you can use that knowledge together with Design Thing to create solutions for future problems.

5G technology is changing the way we use the internet and the way developers think about apps. As the NLP technology evolves over years, computers will be extending their present capabilities from processing to understanding human language in quite a holistic way.