Auto Care Emerging Technology Committee

emerging technologyA mid-point between inception and adoption, SIGGRAPH’s Emerging Technologies program offers a preview of what’s to come. While a defence-based regulatory body capable of analysing emerging technologies could help the UK take a steps towards securely integrating such technologies into military contracts, the speed of change in the cybersecurity market presents may challenges.

Launched in May 2019 with investors and advisors in mind, PitchBook’s premium Emerging Technology Research provides original, comprehensive assessments of company and investor landscapes in disruptive sectors such as fintech , mobility , artificial intelligence and machine learning and foodtech Reports feature market maps of venture capital-backed companies, business model descriptions and trend analysis that investment bankers, venture capital firms and other financial services professionals can use to discover investment opportunities in emerging technology.emerging technology

Trudpert Schelb, Director, Strategic Transformation, at Siemens AG, predicts that this will disrupt established companies and enable a greater number of individuals to create niche businesses with low capital investment and global market reach via e-commerce platforms”.

For example, the initial integration of email applications such as Microsoft Office 365 into business processes provided a plethora of new opportunities for better work environments, but also opened up new routes for potential hackers to access a contractor’s network, and consequently steal critical data or financial assets, often with catastrophic effects for the organisation in question.

Speaking at Adobe MAX in October, Adobe CTO Abhay Parasnis said that AI and machine learning represent the most disruptive paradigm shift of the next decade, and it will change the way all of us work.” Parasnis noted a false assumption about AI: that it will one day replace people.