The New Technology

new technologyThe quick pace of technological advancements explains clearly why manufacturers focus on getting innovative products to market. At the time of writing, the current new technologies that are of most interest to sociologists are the information and communications technologies based on micro-electronics, the application of which is said by some to be revolutionizing the organization of work.

What we’ve found, backed up the 2018 CXO Innovation Survey , is that companies that are able to get over the bright shiny toy” syndrome of new technology and take a pragmatic approach to their Big Data strategy as it’s coupled with an analytic strategy, culture, and people, are the companies that are going to be winners in the innovation race.

Peaks Strategies: Best Public Relations Firm – Technology is playing a greater role in all aspects of the asset management value chain and communications agency Peaks Strategies is focused on introducing new, analytical technologies to help clients better understand the impact and the effectiveness of PR.

Setting priorities is key: CEOs and their leadership teams should focus the CEO’s efforts on tech-transformation activities that the CEO is best positioned to lead—particularly, the organizational changes required to promote better collaboration between IT and the business, and to deliver innovative IT technology

The new intelligence hub, known as its Data Driven Experience Platform (DDEP), is viewed within Westpac as a vital pillar of a broader policy to take the mobile banking fight to a new generation of neobank start-ups, which typically offer flashier apps.