The Disney stock: info and more

Out of the many investment avenues, there are today, stocks are the ones that have a high risk-reward relation. If you are willing to bear the risk, your investment in stocks might make you richer than you were. But this is possible when you invest in stocks of good companies. There are many companies listed on the stock exchange, but not all of them perform well and are capable of giving returns. No investor wants to buy stocks that are not capable of giving them capital growth. So even when you choose to invest in stocks, be wise with which stocks you buy. You should always do your research about the market and then decide which stocks will be good for your portfolio.

The first thing to check when doing your research is which industries or which sectors in the market are doing well. For example, industries like information technology, entertainment, iron and steel, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, etc. are considered to be fast-growing and beneficial for investors. The entertainment industry has been around for decades and people have seen how much it has grown since the yesteryears. Speaking of entertainment, Walt Disney Co. is one of the oldest mass media and entertainment companies.

The Walt Disney Co. was founded by the Disney Brothers, Walt Disney, and Roy O. Disney, in 1923 and was initially known as ‘Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio’. The company started by making silent films, but it really hit the jackpot when animator Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse. The success of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse has lasted even to this day and is a favorite among kids even after so many years of its creation. Disney has come a long way since its animation days. Now the company is involved in mass media like television, broadcasting, streaming media, etc. Walt Disney Co. has two segments, a film studio division under which studios like Pixar, Marvel, Walt Disney Pictures, 20th Century Studios, and others come. Its other business segment provides mass media services, theme park resorts, consumer products, publishing, international undertakings, etc. The Walt Disney Co. is headquartered in Burbank, California.

The Walt Disney Co. is listed as ‘DIS’ on the New York Stock Exchange. The stock (NYSE: DIS at is currently being traded for $173.43. The company’s market capitalization is worth $313.99 billion. Analysts have given this stock a consensus rating to buy the stock. Analysts have also set a price target of $161.41, expecting a downside of 6.9% from the current price. Before the pandemic hit, the stock was traded for $105.51, since then the stock price has increased by 64.4%. You can get more information like income statement at