The Adverse Effects Of Technology

technology articlesThroughout the country, computer technology is dumbing down the academic experience, corrupting schools’ financial integrity, cheating the poor, fooling people about the job skills youngsters need for the future and furthering the illusions of state and federal education policy. When students are using technology as a tool or a support for communicating with others, they are in an active role rather than the passive role of recipient of information transmitted by a teacher, textbook, or broadcast. If the technology proves cheap enough, it could provide millions of impoverished people access to clean drinking water.

Overall these new phones are allowing people to easily access the internet, browse normal websites and manage their e-mail accounts with just one click of a button. With the advent of technology, people are building bridges to decrease the distances in their mind.

The best we can do today is understand how technology can be a valuable tool for educators to do the complex, human work that is teaching by capitalizing on the benefits while remaining fully mindful of the risks as we currently understand them. Computers, sophisticated software, e-mail, and Internet access are the new tools of business and education in an evolving post-industrial society where information truly is power.

It’s important to initiate a digital curfew for the entire family, a time at which you and your kids turn off all electronic devices for the night. Further, this same meta-analysis, along with other large but correlational studies (e.g., OECD 2015 ), also found that increased access to technology in school was associated with improved proficiency with, and increased use of, technology articles

The revolution in technology has given rise to chat rooms, discussion rooms, personalized web pages and online databases. I understand the concerns about how tech platforms have centralized power, but I actually believe the much bigger story is how much these platforms have decentralized power by putting it directly into people’s hands.