Storing the oxygen Generator in the House should consider it

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Here are some things to note in storing oxygen Generators.

Certain health conditions may cause a person to require the assistance of oxygen generators to breathe. It is important to observe the proper use and storage of this tool, so that the function remains optimal.

The advantages owned by Oxygen Generator are more practical than oxygen concentrators that are in the form of machines. Oxygen storage in the form of tubes can also be brought into the house of patients in need. Even smaller tubes can be carried when a patient who needs help is forced to travel.

Who needs oxygen generators?

Some conditions require a person to get oxygen intake directly from a special container, such as oxygen Generator. One example is hypoxia, which is a condition where the oxygen level in the blood is so low. This condition alone can be characterized by shortness of breath and fatigue, especially after walking or coughing, can be accompanied by cold sweat. Another symptom that indicates a person experiencing hypoxia is the surface of the skin that appears bluish, most easily recognizable in the area of the lips and fingertips.

The presence of accessible oxygen generators will certainly help to prevent and overcome hypoxia. Therefore, it does not hurt if you make the oxygen generator as one of the first aid tools to face the emergency conditions at home, at least for the short term, when a family member is experiencing a certain medical condition.

Having oxygen generators at home doesn’t mean you don’t need the help of a medical worker. Immediately contact Rhenus Lupprians, especially when oxygen Generator is experiencing problems or health conditions the patient wearing it does not improve. Make sure you always control the health condition of the doctor, to evaluate the success of handling using oxygen generators at home.