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science and technologyWith the advent of science and technology, new innovations have come forward making life more comfortable for us, bringing different forms of entertainment at our fingertips and their easy accessibility ensures that the consumers enjoy them completely. CCST Science Fellows work hands-on with policymakers addressing complex scientific and technical issues, as well as assuming other responsibilities of full-time legislative staffers. Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology (JDST) is a bi-monthly, peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Diabetes Technology Society (DTS).science and technology

Her research interests include science and technology, space, national security, deterrence, and disability policy. Business technology is developing everyday to help companies get an edge on their competition as well as bring more engaging products and services into the market place.

Finding those answers lies with developing the technologies that would make it feasible to actually secure the knowledge of what the Universe holds for mankind. Developments in both Science and Technology have always been drivers of change in society, underpinning innovation and impacting on everyone’s lives, materially, economically and culturally.

The technology that we develop not only helps us in our everyday lives, it also helps scientists increase human knowledge even further. Science is nothing but a process of exploring new knowledge, whereas technology is putting scientific knowledge into practice.

Science has adequately, energetically and productively advanced, changed, civilized, enhanced and progressed human life. Unlike technology, focuses on the inventions, such as the development of latest technique, to ease the work of humans. Inquiry, problem-solving and thinking skills can all be developed, allowing learners to understand problems with increasing complexity and, importantly, when to use technology appropriately to solve them.