Industrial Process analytics

Advanced measurement and data analytics of any process allows to control, optimize and improve any production activity. Comprehensive process data makes it easy to make proper and accurate decisions. The information collected can be used for planning and development. Modern analytical tools allow us to visualize the running processes, to recognize pinch points and defects and to evaluate the effects of the changes that are made. The use of analytical data may be effective in achieving the following goals:

–          Redesign and reconfiguration of existing processes;

–          Visualization of operation for in-process control and easy data evaluation;

–          Planning of resources;

–          Simulation of processes with different settings.

All initial data shall be collected by input and output units on a field level of the facility. This is the lowest level in the automation hierarchy, but also the most important. Following data can be gathered and transferred to the next levels: speed, acceleration, temperature, humidity, pressure, chemical analysis, level control, etc. All this information must be collected with reliable and robust sensing devices. The further success of process analytics depends on quality and accuracy of such units. After initial data collection on the field level, it shall be transferred to process control level for further processing.

There are several reliable producers of automated measurement and sensor technology devices. One of them is Jumo UK, that supplies solutions for temperature, pressure, fluid analysis, flow, level and humidity sensing, recording and controlling.  On the top of this the company develops all necessary software and allows it to use it with popular industrial protocols, such as HART, Profibus-DP and CANbus. All items are certified under BS EN ISO 9001 : 2000.

Another company is Dynapar USA that offers various encoders, resolvers and other items required for motion feedback control. Dynapar absolute rotary encoders and incremental encoders can be applied for commercial and industrial use. Dynapar units may find an application in the following industries: wood processing, steel factories, oil and gas production, highway vehicles and trains, medical equipment.

If you are looking for high quality sensors, relays, controllers and robotics tools, it makes sense to pay attention to Pilz products, manufactured in Germany. Pilz industrial safety sensors conform to the highest quality standards and include safety switches, optical sensors for area and zone monitoring, light barriers, camera systems and tactile sensors. Pilz solutions are the best choice for safety and protection of personnel, machines and the environment. Another key activity of the company is connected with production of safety and monitoring relays and brake control devices. These items allow to extend the service life of the equipment and to avoid any unfavorable downtime. German company Pilz is also known as a reliable manufacturer of high quality controllers required for automated applications. All units are accompanied with firmware, that provides smooth operation, simple adjustments and intuitive interface.

Also it makes sense to pay attention to the following producers of arrangements for industrial automation:

Bonfiglioli is an Italian supplier of gear motors, gearboxes, planetary gears, motors and other geared products that are well suited for particularly integrated and high-capacity automated industrial solutions.

Di-Soric is a German producer of standard and specialized sensors for industrial automation. Photoelectric and laser sensors, fork sensors, frame and ring barriers, inclination sensors, radar and movement sensing unitsand other products suitable for different applications.

Kollmorgen is another German supplier of products and solutions of motion systems, drives, motors, linear actuators, gearheads and AGV systems.