MotoGP as one of the most prestigious motorcycle racers has made experts consider the safety of the riders carefully and provide optimum safety. One of the things required for the riders is wearing a pack.

Of course, this equipment can prevent injury to the rider. Many people ask about the technology used in these racing suit devices, and where did they buy them? if it is thought, the riders should not be able to continue the race when they crashed at the highest speed. But the reality is the riders directly stand up and run to the motorbike to continue the match. If you are looking for the safety devices for riding, you can try o shop at Wheels Clothing. They are one of the motorcycle clothing sale UK   that sell driving equipment at affordable prices.

Things That Must Be Fulfilled in Wear pack

Racing suits or wear packs are made not only for the safety of the riders but also have to meet some of the conditions below:

  • Comfortable
  • Aerodynamics
  • Provides sufficient air circulation for the comfort of the rider
  • Flexible
  • Has strong durability
  • Waterproof
  • Safe

Racing Shirt Material

All models of wear packs worn by riders have been made especially from high-quality materials and are supported by the newest technology with the highest level of protection in the class. The wear pack is a pretty heavy garment because it weighs roughly 4.5 kg. The wear pack is made from the kangaroo skin or the leather with different measurements for each rider in the preseason. The wear has a thickness of between 1.2 mm and 1.4 mm.

Cooling System

Racing suits or wear pack have been equipped with cooling systems such as air conditioners that will work when racing in hot places or places with high temperatures. This outfit also has an ultra-light battery and also a small pump. This function serves to provide air circulation to the wear pack during the race.

Airbag System

The airbag system has been used by riders in the MotoGP since 2007. The security system is still being developed in the racing suit models so far. All racing suits of the MotoGP riders have been equipped with an airbag system. The function of this airbag system is to minimize the injury to the MotoGP riders when crashes or falls.


In addition to being related to the safety factor, safety is also one of the main focuses in making racing suits. The clothes are usually completed with sensors that are useful to set the temperature in the racing suit.