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future technologyTogether with the advancement of science and technology, technological innovations grew along with it, resulting to the emergence of new equipment and gadgets. As new technologies and business models emerge, the work of technology will continually change and leaders in technology organizations likely will need to adapt quickly. A report from Pew Internet Research polling 1,000 technology execs indicates by the year 2020, mobile technology will be our main access for the internet.

Data suggests that if technology teams are to drive innovation and be change agents, reducing costs should take a back seat to strategically investing to increase revenue, growth, stock price, or other measurements of business and shareholder value. With Pluralsight, you can align your technology strategy to a skills strategy that moves you forward faster.

Since early humans picked up bones and rocks to pound, cut and kill, technology has been used to change the world and to alter the manner of our existence. Applying AI technologies will enable zero-touch automation of network life-cycle management, including optimizing system performance, predicting upcoming faults and enabling preventive actions.future technology

Such solutions, including richer information signals, can be used in the labor market to improve matching and access and bridge skills gaps. Create a profile to get full access to our articles and reports, including those by McKinsey Quarterly and the McKinsey Global Institute, and to subscribe to our newsletters and email alerts.

Companies have applied the technology to everything, from simplifying tracking and access to information in academia to interesting and amusing games that use complex algorithms to create unique experiences. It uses near-field communication (NFC) technology – which is used in many smartphones for mobile payment today – to transfer the data.