future technologyTech companies rang in the start of the new year by unveiling some of their ambitious plans for the coming months. Many technology leaders recognize these shifts are happening but may fail to understand their fundamental implications on technology work and the workforce and workplaces required to deliver it. As a result, some leaders have approached the evolution to the future of work with disjointed, ad hoc efforts.

The Run on Less verification of 10.1 MPG using available technologies, of course inspires us to continue the work of Confidence Reports utilizing data and information from early-adopting fleets, the manufacturers of the technologies, and all others with key information.future technology

Emerging technology trends signal a future with screenless interactions between businesses and consumers, with voice, augmented and virtual reality, wearable devices, and artificial intelligence slowly but surely removing the traditional graphic user interface (GUI) from the equation.

Taking technologies already available today as a starting point, the possibilities anticipated with future technological developments will be shown in an area of around 600 m2 in hall 4.1. The focus here is on networked technologies, the influence of which on our habitat can be experienced up close in the kitchen realised by the “Let’s be smart” initiative.

Even though cognitive technologies have a wide range of applications, it is predicted that the industry sector most affected by this technology initially will be the software sector with about 93{5933f80bb82e8ffcf18929baa2035e4eb2ccb7cdca866937c8e8ca9d9dc184ab} of the software development companies are projected to adopt these technologies by 2020.