Emerging Technology Trends And Business Opportunities For Solution

emerging technologyThe compendium of new and emerging technologies that address global health concerns has been created as a neutral platform for technologies which are likely to be suitable for use in low-resource settings. Though technology changes fast with time, we can observe the trends in which it changes. By harnessing the power of the Internet, supply-chain management will continue to evolve beyond the changes being implemented today. Various advancements in blockchain have helped many people and more businesses in 2016, to experience its potential in banking and finance industry.

Emerging technologies focused on extending humans include biochips, personification, augmented intelligence, emotion AI, immersive workspaces and biotech (cultured or artificial tissue). Cybersecurity might not seem like emerging technology, given that it has been around for a while, but it is evolving just as other technologies are.

Value: The size of the circle next to each emerging technology indicates its potential value to the University. This year, it is anticipated that blockchain technology would go beyond just banking sector, helping the start-ups and established businesses to address the market needs with different application offerings.emerging technology

To optimize regional investment in energy-efficient technologies, RETAC launched a shared, regional emerging technology database in 2017. Emerging technologies and distributed learning. Over time, we will be building more open-source tools to help policymakers with regulating emerging technologies.

Low-latency, high-bandwidth networks mean more connected things, cars and systems — and a boat load of AI, Machine Learning and Compute happening at the edge, because that’s where all the data will be generated. Digital ecosystems are web-like connections between actors (enterprises, people and things) sharing a digital platform.