Don’t Dispose of Your Old Laptop, Just Recycle!

The development of today’s technology is very fast, that’s why we need to change laptops much time. I within 5 years has been changing laptop 2 times, in addition to the technology factor demands will be one of them, maybe if you are a content creator will certainly understand this

If your old laptop has any damage or physical defects would be difficult to sell. This will only accumulate in your warehouse, rather than stacking IT and being a useless item it is good to deliver on IT equipment removal such as Tecdis Company.

How to recycle a damaged Laptop

1. Upgrade HDD to SSD

Replacing HDD to SSD can significantly improve the performance of your laptop, read/write speeds that can even be 3x faster than the conventional hard drive will greatly help your productive activities. Moreover, SSDS can shorten the boot time of your laptop if you make the installation place for your OS.

2. Upgrading RAM

Upgrading RAM is probably one of the quickest ways to improve the performance of your laptop. The benefits of upgrading RAM can make your multitasking feel smoother, and improve your laptop’s performance when running game apps.

3. Make a Monitor

Furthermore, if the Monitoring section is still on, you can revoke it and use it as a regular monitor. You only need to purchase a controller monitor that matches your monitor’s spare parts. Monitor its control price varies from 200 thousand.

4. Make the other Laptop repair use the spare part

If you feel that your laptop is not able to be reused you can pick up Spare-part to be used as another laptop, other than that you can also sell the Spare-part to the service that may be needed for your laptop spare parts from RAM, Hardisk, or the screen.

5. Sell your old Laptop with a cheap price

If you do not want to bother and can no longer be utilized you should sell your laptop with a cheap price to scavenger, rather than be what can be a waste if it could be money why not?.

Well, that’s some way you can do to recycle your laptop to become more useful stuff, hopefully, this article is useful for you.