Diploma In Information Technology (T30)

information technologyAround one hundred and fifty years ago, businesses ran their day to day operations completely different from what businesses of the modern era do to run their day to day operations. The bachelor’s programme Business Information Technology will help you become a specialist in designing information systems for business purposes. Hardware and software engineers, network administrators, data specialists, and IT consultants are the most heard of IT jobs.

Through courses in computer programming, database systems, data analytics, user interfaces and web development, you will learn how to analyze, design, develop and maintain information systems. Information technology provides commercial and industrial systems for businesses.

View our Networking and Security courses , including the Certificate IV in Cyber Security (22334VIC). Computers can slow down overtime and be attacked by malicious software such as virus and malware programs. Business of IT—Applications examines Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) terminology, structure, policies, and concepts.information technology

The Executive Order directs NIST to facilitate industry-led development of a framework of best practices and voluntary cybersecurity standards for core critical infrastructure. In addition, there are a number of industry-standard IT certifications that cover advanced and fundamental understanding of communications, software and general hardware technologies.

A broad category of information technology specialists that includes but is not limited to the disciplines of software design, development, security, and testing. The university is unique in allowing students to take courses at any of the other Atlanta campuses.